Friday, October 5, 2035 - What's the difference?

Friday, October 5, 2035                                     Language Arts Class              Marilyn Stalter
Author: Billy Boren

Learning Target - To walk in another's shoes. To see with another's eyes. To hear with another's ears.

Freaky free write Friday -What's the difference? 
Try to rewrite something you've heard, read or written in a different language. 
Write your story from a different point of view. 
A different country, gender or animal. 
What if this had happened instead of that. 
What if it had happened in another country, state, city or planet? 
What if everything was the same but one thing was different? 
What if cats were man's best friends instead of dogs? 
Look at yourself from another's perspective? 

How do dogs think about people? 
Dogs have no color vision  
Dogs can hear high pitches 
Dogs can identify an animal from it's urine smell 
If they could turn their thoughts into words they would probably say 
"I like human food, even the stuff that they put on the floor" 
"I wish that I could learn to use a can opener. 
"We used to be wolves, but then we found out that you have couches." 
Source: meme I have seen on my Facebook newsfeed." 
They're a tall mammal with different kinds of legs that are up instead of in front. 
They smell unnatural, but pleasant because they are usually clean., except sometimes they make my nostrils burn. 
They are friendly more often than not, but not all are trustworthy, can be very scary and mean sometimes. 
Terrible source of protein 
Next I have to learn how to translate these ideas into a phrase that Scooby Doo would say. 

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