Sunday, October 7, 2035 introducing Leo Pumalynx Gatoliger The Electric Kitty Cat From Outer Space

Sunday, October 7, 2035 

If her were played by a famous actor it would be: Michael J Fox 
Leon Pumalynx Gatoliger. King of the concrete jungle. Leon was born on Leontine, an abandoned artificial space station that was built around the Leonardo Asteroid, 987,654,321 years ago. He has retractable steel claws,  He is two feet long, has four legs, eats liquid metal solutions and fiber and other metal based life forms. He doesn't personally. He is a scrapatarian. 
His microchips help him adapt by 3D printing microscopic mechanical cells to build his  replacement parts. He also 3D prints parts for the ship. Mostly paint.  
He is very agile and can crawl into small places. He doesn't have fingers so he uses voice commands on computers, which requires him to memorize hundreds of verbal shortcuts. When doing repairs he uses a claw modified multitool. 
 He could use the multitool to type, but he doesn't want to.  
Born, or more accurately, reproductively manufactured on Leontine. 
His species reproduced by being able to 3D print it's own brain and circuitry. The new brains would be hardwired with the newest data. These brains were usually installed when sensors detected a brain malfunction. But occasionally these brains would adapt by consuming light and assembling it's own 3d printing of parts 

The LEOS were originally designed by the Gronigals to service their ships. Leon continuously is cleaning the Couth Lizzard. 

If he could be a superhero, he would be Cool Cat. in the Amazing Creatures Universe on CPN. 

When his planet was discovered by the Pan Planetia seven. The Leonites kept trying to ccommunicate with the ships, and not the animals. They rubbed up against them. ETC. 

By Billy Boren

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