You Put A Spell On Me 

You Put A Spell on Me


You Put A Spell On Me

You put a spell on me,

and now I'm yours,

You put a spell on me,

and there's no cure,


Free Britney Griner


I Want

I want Peace, Love and Happiness for Everyone on this Planet.

I want social equality for all people in all countries.

I want People to show Respect to Everybody that they see,

I want every Human Being to find true…


The People of Ukraine Want To Be Free



Here is a story about a Ukranian hotline for Russians to call and learn about their loved ones.



Intense firefight for key bridge near Kherson, Ukraine.

3/2/22 CNN according to YouTube.




The Tofu Serenade 

Maybe now you could never conceive, 
That there'd ever be a food that would go with everything, 
I know that you would never believe, 
That there'd ever be a food, that could taste like anything... 

But just…


Stop Defunding People

Stop defunding people,

Give them the resources they need.

And pay them fairly
Then we won't need the police
Stop stealing people's labor 
Stop stealing native lands 
Stop stealing people's lives 
The people do the labor with their hands 



Vaccines work by teaching your body how to fight disease.

Vaccines give your body immunity.


The natural immunity you get from being sick from COVID-19

Is much more painful than a jab in the arm.

It does more harm.




Monday, October 1, 2016


I built with my Legos

Funny looking buildings

Made out of plastic




I spoke at the School Board Meeting about my experiences a paraeducator.



Today I posted to my blog by publishing this post tha was up…


No More Mergers

The big banks are buying up the little banks,

And the bigger banks, are buying up the big banks,

The biggest banks are buying up the bigger banks,

And then were told, "They're too big to fail."


For example, JPMorgan…


All Wars Are Crazy

All wars are crazy,

Few are necessary

None are good.

I would put an end to all of them if I could.

@Greg Spence Wolf


Proud Moment Working Through Zoom - Friday, January 14 2022

I work as a public school paraeducator. On Friday January 14 I was preparing for remote  online learning session over Zoom.

When I was asked to suggest activities from the Certified Teacher I brought up two ideas that I participated…