Do All Lives (Really) Matter?


Why didn't George Floyd's life matter to Derek Chauvin?

Do all lives matter in this country - If Black lives don't matter to the police?
If Derek Chauvin can choke a man to death with…


Thoughts on abuse and songs about it too.

There are many types of physical and emotional abuse that I have witnessed and or experienced.

I have experienced them from family members, housemates, coworkers and random strangers.

When I was a teen I used to ride my bicycle through…


Who Shall We Infect Next, Said the Coronaviruses

Who shall we infect next
said the Coronaviruses
We infected your grandma
Keep her away from Grandpa

Who shall we infect next

said the Coronaviruses,

We can't go on without a host,


We went to the rock concert

We went


Thoughts on Parenting

When you watch kids they take up your time.

Working and planning and making sure things turn out fine

Because they're depending on you to and what you decide

To come out right.


I raise kids for five and a…

I want equality for step parents in divorces.

Even though I have not been a legally engaged stepdad for almost three years, I still worry about my kids. I still wonder if they are upset about something that happened at school. I still wonder if they need help…

She's A Good Wife

She's a Good Wife

She's a good wife
Cuz she don't let me down.

I married her,
Because she's the best I've found
I know that she meant what she said in her wedding vows

I trust her and I

Socially shared poetry

Kristin Ellisonoslin

 Well ordered coup executed in US.

      Defeated by capital police who saved the lives they sought,

            Pence, who should 25 Amend. Trump.


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They do not create jobs, they own them,  

I want…


I Ride My Bicycle


Round and round the town we go on our bicycles,

Round and round our pedals go, moving fast, moving slow,

Up and down the hills we go, huffing, puffing as we go,

Riding to the greatest…

How We Are Divided Politically

     We are divided politically by people using the media to stir up fear and hate for the purposes benfitting themselves by putting themselves on top of the feud.

Most of the memes posted online by people are fed to them…


Watch The Buffalo Walking Down The Road

One day in Yellowstone 

The buffalo filled up the road 

Someone took a film and shared it on the web 

So we could watch the Buffalo roam down the road. 

Please watch the Buffalo walking slow down the road