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I have been performing as a singer songwriter and band member off and on for over 35 years. I can play several different instruments including vocals, guitar, mandolin, piano, trumpet, trombone, harmonica, kazoo and penny whistle.

One of my favorite acts is "Mad Lib Songwriting" which involves asking the audience to replace the nouns, pronouns, verbs, place names, etc in a folk song to create new parodies like "I've Been Jumping on the Monorail all the Live Long Millennium" to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad."
I have done this activity with kindergarten classes, festival audiences and open mics. Each time it comes out delightfully unique.

I encourage my audiences to sing along and like to start performances with a short singing lesson. "Take a deep breath, straighten your back, relax, smile and open your mouth wide."

I am a singer songwriter who accompanies himself on mandolin, guitar and piano.
Sensitive Singer Songwriter
       I will be doing a Kickstarter in May so I can pay some more musicians to play on the record. 
      So far I have hired Milly Racoon Boksenbaum, Pandi, Michael Shedric Simpson, Deb Seymour and Ryan Rossner to play on this CD. I am going to be offering musicians $100 a song. I estimate this will cost $1500.
      I want to offer decent rewards for supporters including bonus tracks, live concert performances and original artwork.

Sensitive Singer Songwriter CD in demo form on Bandcamp  
 I'm a Sensitive Singer Songwriter  needs guitar, female vocals and bass
Sensitive Singer Songwriter on Bandcamp
 Guitar Slingin' Girl  Needs violin and percussion
 I'm a Good Man  Vocals - Pandi, Greg, Ryan, Milly
Fiddle Milly
Guitar - Deb
needs bass
 She Holds Me All Night Long  Needs bass
 Would You Love Me Too  Needs guitar, mando, bass and uke
 If You Change Your Mind  needs bass
 I Wanna Love You Baby  Still being written
 Don't Put Her Above You  Needs guitar and bass
 I Know What I Want  Michael Shedric Simpsom - Bass
Ryan Rossner - guitar and vocals
 I Wrote a Song Bout You  Needs percussion, preferably bongo or djembe
 I Will Really Miss You  Live recording already finished