The Adventures of Greg Spence Wolf

Promote Paraeducators to the Jobs they already do  

I want our public school system to train and mentor with the intention to promote, all education support staff.

This includes education support professionals, paraprofessionals,  paraeducators, special education assistants, bilingual assistants, preschool assistants and instructional assistants.
Anyone who's job is to work with students towards their educational goals.


I want them to be interned to be the lead teacher or therapist and be prepared to substitute or be promoted to the jobs that they assist or do alongside licensed professionals.

I want paraeducators to be trained and promoted to be certified teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language pathologists and most importantly licensed behavior ttherapists.

I want this because paraeducators spend the most time with their students and know them  the best. Instead of having special education students spend 80% of their time with assistants who have little training and no say in the lesson plans, I want students to spend 100% of their time with licensed support staff.

I want this because paraeducators do most aspects of the jobs they support and most of the behavior support in special education classrooms.

Paraeducators do Speech Therapy when they:

Do sight word practice,
Help kids learn how to decode phonics,
Ask a student clarifying questions about a passage they just read in a book.
Teach a student how to communicate with pictures


I want paraeducators to be trained and promoted to physical therapist because para-educators do physical therapy when they:

Help students with physically challenging tasks in gym class.



I want paraeducators to be promoted and trained to be occupational therapists because paraeducators teach valuable life skills when they show a student:
How to use a three fingered grip on a pencil,

How to open a milk carton and shrink wrapped food packaging,
How to wash their hands,
How to be more independent in the bathroom.
How to use a zipper
how to open a locker.
How to take their jackets on and off.

How to tie their shoes


I want paraeducators to be trained and promoted to be licensed behavior therapists.

Most special education classrooms have no licensed behavior therapists and rely on the special education teacher to develop a behavior plan. I have observed Clover Park School District and Franklin Pierce School District use behavior techs.


All special education classrooms I have worked in,  during my 15 years of experience, in special education have one to four assistant teachers or paraeducators.


My personal observations tell me that In special education the more profound the need of the student, and the more extreme a student's behavior is, the more likely they will be served by a paraeducator or an assistant teacher.

Asault Weapons is the crime issue that is a real threat 

Are you willing to ban assault weapons. 
Having my car broken into on Rt 7 is frustrating. I had to pay to fix my window. 

Thankfully my employer didn't make me pay for the laptop that was stolen. 
They were obviously targeting my computer because they left my ukulele and my backpack in the car. 

The police never investigate these cases. They let you file a report on their website for insurance purposes. 

The police never investigate home burglaries. In Seattle or Tacoma. 

The police are now very good about domestic violence. Even violence between housemates. 

My response to the break-in was to no longer leave any device with a WiFi or Bluetooth signal in my car. 

Assault weapons I can't adapt to. If I am shot by an assault weapon, you won't be able to recognize my body. 

Greg Abbott is sending DNA test kids to Schools to help people identify their children after assault rifle massacres. 

This is because Texas lawmakers won't pass any restrictions on weapons that should only used to shoot Russian tanks on the streets of Ukraine. 

I was frustrated by the break in, but I want us to be protected from assault weapons. 

Why I withdrew all my money from Alternatives Federal Credit Union  

Dear AFCU, 

I am furious that your bank sent me a letter in 2012 saying that you were going to start taking money out of my account because I didn't have enough money in the bank. 

I withdrew the rest of my money rather than let you steal it through fees. 

How dare you call yourself a community development credit union when you steal from your poorest members. 

How dare you call yourself a community development credit union when you charge a $20 overdraft fee for a $3.50 check. 

How about you start actually working with people who are living on the margins. 

I was a member for 20 years when I requested a car loan in 2010. You were only willing to lend me the amount I had in your bank.$600. Why, probably because I never went into debt before. Because I wasn't irresponsible in the past and had no history of debt. Because I was always able to live within my means you falsely thought I was a bad credit risk. You don't recognize that people without credit cards are the most responsible people. 

So I withdrew most  the money I had to buy the car. 

And then a year later you sent me a letter saying that I don't have enough money in your bank to justify you keeping me as a member. 

That's when you showed what kind of bank you are. You are a greedy capitalist bank with a really good public relations department. 

I still have the car. I bought it with a no-intrest loan from Toyota. That car enabled me to get jobs I couldn't without a car and it enabled me to be a very effective stepdad for five years. I took my son to school in that car. I have toured the country in that car. When I came back to Ithaca NY in that car to visit, I withdrew all money from my account. 

I told the bank teller why. He apologized for me being unhappy about the situation. But he didn't offer to fix the situation or work to change the policy. He didn't even acknowledge that the policy sucks or should be reexamined. 

As a member of 25 years who at one point was promoting Alternatives, I feel like I was blindsided when you letter said that you were going to take a fee out of my account. 

I now see you not as a positive influece in the community. And instead see Alternatives as a con act. A bank that operates within the liberal market niche. 

Your commitment to serving the poor is fake. As a former poor person who is now a homeowner I am calling on you to genuinely help the poor by not hurting them with fees. 


Greg Spence Wolf 

7217 Yakima Ave 

Tacoma WA 98408

Trump Will Throw You Under the Bus 2 

Trump steals top secret documents

Because he was president he thinks that he can keep them

But was he really going to keep them a secret

Or was he gonna call up Vlad

And tell him what he had



When Trump has to go to court

Because he steals top secrest reports He begs his supporters to pay his legal fees Because he's the one in need Yeah he's the one in need.


Matt Gaetz  

Matt Gaetz will cheat on his girlfriend 
With other girls who aren't women yet. 
The Venmo said that it was for education 
But it didn't mention the institution 
Which was prostitution