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Special Education Classrooms Warehouse Children. 

I have noticed that there are classrooms where they put the kids that would disrupt a regular education classroom.

These students get put together in the same classroom where they disrupt each other's education.

They also get put in classrooms with the student's with the most profound learning disabilities. 

They don't get the support that they need to be successful.

This disruptive behavior affects the educators in the classroom as well.

There is a very high turnover rate in special education classrooms because of this.

The special education classrooms I work in has had five people leave the program in two years.

When there is a new certified teacher they send a mentor to help them learn how to do their jobs.

The same courtesy is not extended to paraeducators.

The mentors who work with the certified teachers are not helpful. They come in when there are no students, insist on us doing things a certain way without ever asking the paraprofessionals anything and barely listenning to the teachers they are mentoring. 

I have been told that paraprofessionals have to talk to every student with the same words

Some students need two words. 

Some needed to be taken by the hand to their seats and given work or a puzzle.

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Proud Moment Working Through Zoom - Friday, January 14 2022 

I work as a public school paraeducator. On Friday January 14 I was preparing for remote  online learning session over Zoom.

When I was asked to suggest activities from the Certified Teacher I brought up two ideas that I participated in while working remotely in the past.

I suggested that we do a color or shape scavenger hunt. I also suggested that we do a copying game called "Do What I Do."

I am proud to say that my suggestions were heeded and we that I led the "Do What I Do" song and that the class did a color scavenger hunt for one remote learning session.

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My Cadillac Don't Run No More Music and lyrics by Greg Spence Wolf 

My Cadillac Don't Run No More words and music Greg Spence Wolf 


My Cadillac, don't run no more, 

It sits in pieces outside my door 

Its rear end is all smashed in 

And my Cadillac don't run no more. 


Some son of a gun, pulled a hit and run 

He probably had no insurance 

And now my rear end Is all smashed in 
And my Cadillac don't run no more 


I always park defensively 

So that nobody will hit me 

I was certain I would not get hit that day, 

It did not work out that way. 


My Cadillac don't run no more 

It sits in pieces outside my door 

It's rear end is all smashed in 

And my Cadillac don't run no more. 


Now that old car, just good for parts 

To see it there just breaks my heart 

It's transmission won't even start 

Now I got a Redneck Yard. 


My Cadillac don't run no more 

It sits in pieces outside my door 

It's rear end is all smashed in 

And my Cadillac don't run no more. 


Upbeat gospel singing/ bluegrass picking style 

GGGG GGGG (My Cadillac Don't Run No MOre) 

CCCC GGGG (It sits in pieces outside my door) 

GGGG Em Em Em Em (It's rear end is all smashed in) 

GGDD GGGG (And my Cadillac don't run no more)





Immigration is a Right - Immigration is a Blessing 

Immigration is a Human Right  - Immigration is a Blessing - Freedom to flee from unjust plight - Is a pillar of all freedom


Immigration, is a human right,

Freedom of movement, should never be denied.

People should not have to fight,

For the right to work, live and play,

Where the jobs are today.

So why are they being vilified.


People and jobs move with the season

Working on the farms, construction and wherever they are needed.

I think that is a good reason,

For folks to migrate across borders that native people had forcibly ceeded.

To far away empires run by the greedy

Immigrants are vilified

So that  they can be deported, abused and exploited.

Immigrants are vilified because they can't vote.

Borders are artificial 

Created by government officials 

Separating ancient nations 

That existed before colonization.

Immigrants are not a threat to public order,

It is not a problem that they cross a national border.

To seek a job, a home or safety in another state or country.

They are not much different from you and me.

Woody Guthrie migrated from Oklahoma to California after the dust storms destroyed his home.

Police patrolled the California border and charged driver's money for crossing their border

We should not block free migration,

That only blocks true liberation.

We should be a truly free nation,

Let all make everywhere their destination.


Tear down the walls 

Let the detention walls fall

This world belongs to all

Let all hear freedom's call


Allow freedom of movement

without friction from government


Immigration is a blessing,

Because immigrants grow our food,

Clean our homes, drive our trucks and pack our meat.

People should not be messing

With the people who must travel

To and fro to make a living.


© Greg Spence Wolf

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Do All Lives (Really) Matter? 


Why didn't George Floyd's life matter to Derek Chauvin?

Do all lives matter in this country 
If Black lives don't matter to the police?
If Derek Chauvin can choke a man to death with his knee.
While a crowd stood and filmed him

He thought that he'd get off Scott free For a week it was viral and on national TV.

While Chauvin avoided being an arrestee

The mayor went on the air to plead

For Chauvin's arrest for his evil deed.



Do all lives really matter to the Minnesota Police.

Did Derek Chauvin kill George Floyd
To show his authority
Did he think he'd be respected 
By his fellow police
If it takes a riot to get him arrested
Do all lives really matter.

Why do we even need one protest 
To get a murder arrested?

When a non-violent person is killed by the police
Do Black Lives matter in this country ? 
Do All lives really matter in Minnesota?
Do all lives really matter in this country?

May 25, 2020





Photo by Greg Spence Wolf


Why Didn't Trayvon Martin's Life Matter to George Zimmerman?

Do all lives matter in this country 
If black lives don't matter to fake vigilantes;
If George Zimmerman can get away with mmurder,

Of an unarmed teenager on his way home

Are we really a free country, full of liberty

Or are we full of guns and petty tyranny.

Trayvon Martin was never a threat 

And George Zimmerman should be full of regret 

We should speak up for justice and never forget 

That we haven't reached equality yet.

Do all lives matter in Florida?

Do ll lives matter in this country? 

Why didn't Elijah MClain's life matter to the Aurora police?
Elijah McClain Didn't Have a Gun 
Elijah McCalin was choked to death 
In Auror, Colorado by a policeman. 

Do all lives matter if this happens. 

Do all lives matter in Colorado.

Why didn't Breonna Taylor's life matter to the Louisville police?

Breonna Taylor didn't have a record and she wasn't wanted by the police.
Breona Taylor wasn't under aarrest 

So why is she dead, please tell me?

Why did her apartment come under attack;
When someone else was under arrest?
Someone else who had already been arrested?
Now do you understand why her death is protested?

If Breonna Taylor who didn't hurt anyone 
Who didn't have a record can be shot by a policeman

Do the police really think that all lives matter

And if they don't then why don't they think that all lives matter.?
Even though the report said she wasn’t a threat

The neighbors called the cops on the cops because they thought it was an attack, 
by someone other than the cops, 
It was an attack, but it was an attack by the cops 
  Who wanted to arrest a man who wasn't there. 
© Greg Spence Wolf  Updated 1/16/2022