The Adventures of Space Wolf
By Greg Spence Wolf


Chapter One

An Arctic Wolf Who Roamed Alone

She was born on Baffin Island
An arctic wolf who roamed alone
She survived the Arctic winters
Without a den to call her own

She didn't choose to be alone
To be a wolf without a home
She lost her pack and family
One night when it was freezing cold

They huddled close to share the warmth
That their bodies could produce

But the cold night just kept coming
There was nothing that they could do.

She awoke a winter's morning
When the sun refused to shine
All alone and full of mourning
The warmth they lost kept her alive


It Was the Right Thing To Do

She heard it come down from the sky
A meteor fell from on high
Crashed into a helicopter
Damaged the craft but no one died

They landed on her right from paw
Which caused a severe injury
When they realized what had happened.
They treated her emergency

This wolf had never heard a word
This Wolf had never had a name
The words she heard she remembered
She repeated them in her brain

"Can you hand me that needle Bob?"
"What are we gonna tell the boss?"
"That it was the right thing to do."
As a hand held her good front paw.


Cissy tranquilized the patient
And bandaged up her broken leg
She lifted her into a cage
And of her crew she then did beg

To bring her to a hospital
Staffed by veterinarians
Where she could recover in full.
And return to the woods again

Cissy took her to Alaska
Where she'd be treated by a friend
Who cared for dogs who were in service
To the needy and government

When she awoke she heard more words
One voice was a familiar one
Another one was new to her
"Good girl" stated this woman


Good Words Bad Words

Dr Cracker talked to her guest
To calm her nerves to help her rest
'Sit , come here, Good girl, stay
it is going okay"

"IWe will take good care of you here"
Is something that was also said
During that quarter of a year
While she was  cared for and treated

"Is that a wild wolf in there?
Suspiciously asked the gate guard
"That seems kind of dangerous
I didn't think it was allowed"

"I am allowed to treat my pet
It's written in my contract Fred"
I guess you wouldn't have read it
Thanks for your concern she said.

A Temporary Home Away from Home

It was a long healing process
Her bones were crushed and needed rest
A vet named Dr Sue Cracker
Gave her care and encouragement

Then exercise to build her strength
In a service dog training yard
Cuz the wolf was a secret guest. 
This task proved to be really hard

When she regained more of her strength
She slept each night in Sue's garage
And roamed each day in her backyard
Where she could play, howl and bark.

Sue knew soon she'd need a new home
A place where she could hunt and roam
So Sue called Cissy on the phone
And asked her if she'd take her home

Cissy Answers the Phone

"I'm so grateful for all the care
You've given her while she was there
I've got a lot of interviews
Can I come by Wednesday at noon"

"Yes Cissy that'd be fine with me,
It's my lunch break and so I'm free"
When Cissy came, Sue asked her straight
"Girl, how you getting her home?"

I do not know Cissy replied
To Baffin Island I can't go
Until I get another job
That sends me to the arctic snow

I know it seems kind of crazy
To save a wild animal
To call in favors so quickly
But what was I supposed to do

Cissy Tells her story to Sue 

Sue I could not just be silent
There was no place that she could go
We took responsibility
Because  we caused her injury 

Her cries of pain outside the door
Were powerful and I was sure
I could not leave her there alone
She needed help to recover 

I'm aware of the risk you took 
I knew that you could give her care 
We were out in the wilderness
And there are no vets stationed  there 

"You did the right thing saving her
She would have died without good care
Now you need to have a new plan
I can no longer keep her here"

Cissy Sings the  Blues to the Wolf 

"I'm the one who got you into this mess?"
And I'm gonna get you out
I'm gonna find a solution, someway, somehow,
You deserve to be wild and free, not to be toted round by me
You're a bird in a cage who needs to fly away.

It was not my plan to take you so far away 
Your fate is in my hands and I worry every day
I hope you understand that I don't want to make you stay
But your home is so far far away.

I'm gonna make a plan
and carry it all the way 
I will not rest until 
You're safely upon your way 
There's got to be a way, to get you home to stay 
So you'll be, free to roam, all your days.

I'm taking you to Nome
But  you need to go back home.
Where you'll be free to roam
I do not know how now
But I promise somehow 
That  I will figure out 
how to set you free.
I see you in that cage, in which you have to stay, 
And every single day I hope and pray 
that everything is gonna be okay.


Boy Meets Wolf
Billy Boren asked "Is that a wolf?" 
Cissy said "Yes it is young man" 
"What's his name?" young Billy asked 
"She's not a he, it is a she," 

"Sorry, he said, I take the blame
For assuming she was a a he." 

"It's just that she has got no name,
An arctic wolf is not a pet
She is a wild animal 
Who's been treated here by a vet."

My names Billy, this is my Dad
He took me to the doctor here."
My Dad just got a job nearby
So i start a new school this year 

His Dad said "I'm Jack Boren Mam" 
She shook his hand and then she said

"Cissy Jackson"  pleased to meet you 48

Then Billy asked why is she here 
Is she tracked by the government 12
No she was here as a patient
She was hurt in an accident 40

I was only caring for her
As a temporary steward
Now that she's healed she can return
To the woods that once were hers

Billy  asked her, "Where is she from?" 24
"Baffin Island" she then replies.  76

She has now recovered and she can be released 38
Now that she's healed her doctor said
it is okay for her to be 17
 returned to the wild again

A Wolf with No.Name

"What do you call her mam?" he said. 
'"Good girl's" what I call her most  
You should call your steward wolf Luna
Because she is white like the moon

I don't want to get too attached
And she is not my property,
So I didn't give her a name 
Cause  she does not belong to me

Is she going home today mam? 
She says, "Billy I'm not sure yet,
So I'm taking her to my house,
I have a fenced in yard near Nome.

Billy tells her, "You can giver her
to the Mahigan Indians."
They have a wild wolf reserve
on their reservation 

Then Billy's dad Jack Boren said
"He is referring to the Mahigan Nation's wildlife Refuge 
32 miles south on SR321" 

Thank you Billy for your advice 
And thank you Jack for your directions 38

I hope to see you two again sometime 
Can I look them up online. 34
No, Dad doesn't do that stuff
He says he likes his privacy 28
He says Billy that's enough
Let me give you my email Cissy 25

Cissy Dials  the Phone 
When Cissy gets inside her car
She tells her phone to do a "search"
For the "Mahigan Nation Wildlife Sanctuary"

She tells the phone to "search number"
She tells the phone to "call number" 
"Speaker phone" she then commands, 
It makes a high pitched tone then says,

"Gary Wolfe, Mahigan Wildlife Preserve."
As wolves bark in the background
Luna's ears perk up at the sound 

"Hi my names Cissy jackson
I am hosting an arctic wolf
Who was hurt on Baffin Island
I 've got no way to send her back"

Can you accept an animal
Who used to live in the wild,
Is that okay is that legal?
Yes we do," Mr Wolfe replied

I am the groundskeeper and zoologist
We should be able to help you out 
I need to ask some questions first 
"Go ahead" she said to him 

How is her health?
She's very vigorous, But weak in one leg
She's mostly recovered from her injury  
she suffered from an accident three months ago

How long has she lived domestically?
She was a full grown adult when we rescued her,
so just the three months of treatment.

And then he asks what is her name 
She doesn't have one she replies

Gary extends an Invitation 

Gary said please bring her by
At dinner time tomorrow night
Then Gary met the Arctic Wolf
And told her it will be alright 34

Have you thought up a name for her
Seems that you should get first dibs
I didn't give her a name Gary
But I got one from a kid 33


A boy I met called her Luna
Because she is white like the moon 
Gary said, "Welcome home Luna"
Then said you are a good girl

"Good bye Luna." Cissy sighed
And gave her a pat on the head
You are such a good girl
Now you're back in the real world 

You are not on Baffin island
But now you have got a real home
This isn't the solution I planned 
But it's better for you than Nome 
I wonder if there is someone
who misses you so far away.
Who cries out in the night your name,
Who misses this good girl today

At least now you're wild  and free
At a wildlife sanctuary 

I hope I've done the best for thee 
"This may not be your destiny,
but it is going to be okay." 32

A Super Sci-Fi Futuristic Alien Encounter"
Graphic Design: Charles Forsher
Hand Drawing: Deb Seymour
Copyright Greg Spence Wolf 2014

Baffin Island:
Luna (The Arctic Wolf)
Cissy Jackson
Tyson Medical Building
Dr Sue Cracker
German shepherd work dogs
Cissy Jackson
Billy Boren
Jack Boren
Mahigan Wildlife Preserve:
Space Wolf(Arowf)
Luna (Good Girl)
Cissy Jackson
Dr Sue Cracker
Couth Lizzard Crew
tech (geek)
pilot (bird)

NSA Contractor
Mr Dicks

Run Space Wolf Run
A Rag Tag Fleet
Meteors are the real enemy
Star Wars (Strategic Defense Initiative 10

brainpower says
The risk you took I am aware8

Even as I cared for my crew
I knew the next thing I must do
I knew that rescuing this wolf
Was the right thing to do

I had to take her to safety 61

Cissy said excuse me as she walked around a man to press the elevator button. He noticed the animal carrier on her cart and asked, "Is that a wolf"


What is his name?"

She doesn't have a name. She's not a pet, she's a wild animal.

"Okay, Sorry" he said.

She read the name on his ID tag and then said, "She's a patient. She was injured in a helicopter crash. I guess I haven't wanted to get attached to her. And then have to let her go back to the wild."  My names Cissy, Cissy jackson. My friend allowed me to bring her here because I used to be in the army and treated the service dogs here before she did.

"Jack Boren," he replied, then hesitated and said, "I work in intelligence."

So you're a spy Jack." Cissy quipped. "No, actually, I work on network security. Testing for hacks to keep our database and network secure. In other words I make sure no one spys on the government. Pretty boring stuff I read computer manuals in my spare time."

"Well, I hope you're not reading my email."

Jack defended himself and said, "That's not my job, Besides, that would be illegal.

Cissy laughed sarcastically, as she said, "'Illegal?' That never stopped the government from doing whatever they want to do in the first place.'

"Well, I assure you that I don't want to read your email.'

"Okay, then I won't send you any. Jack. I don't want to end up in your database."

 I don't like the word master
Kind of racist and sexist too."

Some she trusted to be near
And others she thought she should fear
She could tell that some thought her dear
Some folks she wished would stay away
Because their tones were not okay 21

each day they sighed they cried they begged
They listened and they persuaded 37
Sue Kracker said words to.people
That she did not say to the wolf 20

Some were words of encouragement,
some were of frustration and some of indignation 7

These humans filled their world with sound
By pressing buttons all around
Their machines made lots of noise
Some that she liked some that annoyed 21

Wolf listens and learns

The wolf listened to the humans
The things they said were new to her
She had no idea what they meant
But she could sense the tone of voice 51

Some offered her encouragement 51
And some were suspicious of her
Others seemed to limit her choice
She gave speech her full attention
And these tones they guided her choice
Of who to trust, of who to fear
Of who had sincere expressions 46

Other voices were less caring
Kind of scary and suspicious
So the wolf she listened real careful
She feared they might be malicious

These were some of The words she said
In the kennel, the car and yard
The wolf remembered in her head
She worked her brain so very hard 49

Some voices calmed her when they spoke
And some conveyed their fear instead
Some commanded her reapect
And some made her excited 28

These sounds they were a mystery
But so important they must be
Since this species used them to pick
The next thing  they would choose to do



When the crew realized Luna would need someway to get input. Like a voice contro
lled assistant.

Can you print one gatoliger.

You want me to synthesize an assistant for her.

Well. Something to do her computing.

So she needs a pet.


Well. Um.


Isn't she a pet.



Chapter Two: Why Do Wolves Howl?
Gary Wolfe, Zoologist and Groundskeeper, Mahigan Wildlife Sanctuary.

June 23, 2015 6:00 PM
The moon turned full at 13:32 hours.
I expect more howling than usual this full moon because the alpha female is due any day now. The alpha has been caring for his mate, or hunting, non-stop. And howling much more than usual.

I've always wondered why wolves howl. I wonder what they are trying to communicate. What is in their heads.
Are they praying to their Gods? Are they echoing sound off of the moon? Are they sending out messages to aliens?
Is it a mating ritual? Or are they just blowing off steam?
When my first dog heard a fire siren, she would match their tone. My first thought was that she was saying, "I feel for you brother."
Of course my dog hadn't been taught that the sirens and honks are a fire truck. I don't know what she was saying. And I have not been taught to speak Dog or Wolf.

I suppose that the Alpha could be organizing a hunting party. Sending out the call for help. Maybe they're stocking up for the newborns, or the mother who will be nursing them.

I figure that the messages wolves exchange are probably limited to functions essential for survival. Calling for help, defending one's territory, crying for a mate.. But in reality, I don't really know why wolves howl. I may never know. But, that doesn't mean I don't want to know.

-Gary Wolfe, 6/23/15

The Alpha female gave birth two three pups last night.
The Alpha Male, who usually sings at the top of the hill stayed close to the den. I'm guessing the birth occurred at 3 AM, because that is when I heard an outburst of Wolf singing loud enough to wake me.

My audio recordings also peak at 3:00 AM. 
  "Awrowf, Awrowf, awrowf." That is what it sounds like they are saying.

The Alpha Male is a pure grey wolf born on the sanctuary. His mate, the Alpha Female of the pack is an arctic wolf brought here after she was found injured in Northern Nova Scotia.

We accepted her because we thought that she'd be safer recovering here than in the wild in her native habitat, she went on to become the packs best female hunter, and a leader in the pack. She is the only wolf I have seen the alpha Wolf yield to.
I am curious to see what the new pups look like.
Gary Wolfe


3/23 16
I don't plan on recording the wolves every night. But I listened and will try to transcribe the sounds.
Ah - ooo
ah ah ah oooo
ah oo lllll
ah oo  roof

I figure if I record one night a week i get 3 days to listen to the files and four days to listen to the files. I figure that if I hear new sounds. I can save each distinct sound as an individual file. I can at least make a little lexicon of wolf utterances.

I didn't have anyplace else to go tonight, so I listened, Steve was out or the night, so I could play therm for as long as I wanted, and burn sage without annoying his allergies. he is so very nit picky about stuff when he is at the lodge. It is much more relaxing here when he stays at his girlfriends house.

I have noticed that the Alpha seems to have named his three pups Awrowf, Awruff and ah-roof.
Because when he makes those individual sounds only one wolf replies. They say dogs know their own names, I guess a parent dog can name their pup. I wonder if the words mean 1,2 3 or first second and third. I suppose that wolves don't distinguish between one and first.

Awrowf (Space Wolf) quickly became a skilled hunter and fighter.

7/4/2017 To Be Continued...

December 31, 2017

Chapter Three
In deep space. The Couh Lizard is delivering medecines and biobeds to Taurus Prime.
Taurus Prime has experienced a catastrophic earthquakes and Tsunamis that has disabled many of.their hospital facilities due to flooding and blackouts. Asteroids from outside their solar system landed in their oceans. there is a rare shortage of medical equipment. The Couth Lizzard is travelling three times the speed of light using an experimental design that allows the crew to stay in hibernation, with one crew at a time aware for emergencies. The route that they planned is considered a safe one, but, they do not know that they are in direct course collision with...


The crew is awoken by the ship's main computer whenever there is a crash. There is no hull breach, so there is no activation of the escape pods. The pilot contacts the captain, still groggy from the transition.

Alpha: Pilot, what hit us?

Pilot:: We have been hit by an uncharted asteroid. It has...

Alpha: Thank you for the update Pilot. How has our navigation been affected.

...sir, we are off 9 degrees on our X axis trajectory and 42 degrees off of our Y axis trajectory. We are no longer tapping into the gravity field of the Taurus system.
Alpha: Tech,  what affect has the projectile had on our hull and equipment?

Tech:Alpha, the sonic beamer has been knocked out of allignment. The regeneration is draining our storage reserves too fast to reach our misssion. THe bio bed batteries could fuel,

A;pha: No, I do not wat to de;plete the Bio bed batteries. They are our prime directive at the moment.

Tech: Sir, to fully regenate without the bio beds, we will need a sun.

Alpha, I am only willing to chose using the bio bed batteries as a last resort.

Narrator: The ship is jolted and the pilot is knocked from his seat. The Alpha is knocked to the floor while walking to the bridge.

Alpha: What hit us this time.

Pilot: Nothing sir, we are being dragged gravitationally by a moon sized comet. And it is headed for an uncharted solar system.
Captain Alpha: and his crew save Earth by destroying the asteroid coming this way. Their ship is further damaged, crash lands inAlaska, asteroid parts desstroy enough of the Earth's communication grid that they are able to land at the Mahigan Wildlife sanctuary They accidentally injure Space Wolf, their beak stabs him in the neck, injuring his vocal chords, and some neural transmitters between his vocal chords, eyes and brain. . They heal him very quickly, and assume that he is a leader of the community, and therefore as highly evolved a mammal as their crew. So they give him the ability to see with great detail and speak as many sounds as a human. With a full vocal range.

The tech officer takes a picture of the wolf standing next to Awrowf howling, he hacks his way into the internet through a nearby military base that is collecting data on all communications carried out by everyone in the world. It is called the National Security Agency database . He drags the picture around the interface to see if he can find any medical information. 1000 pictures load of wolves, huskies and german shepherds. He says many pictures of huskies and dogs walking in front of people and tells the medic and captain that they are the leaders of the planet.
The Captain says go, which in their language is the word "Woof"
The medic sets his hibernation suit to sterile, opens the gate, hesitates, and the captain yells, "Woof, Woof"
The wolves hear the aliens say "Woof" and stop barking for a second. Awrowfs father growls momentarily, until his wife puts her paw on his, He backs off.
She was rescued in Nova Scotia by a doctor in a helicopter. She didn't fear this spaceship. She decided to let the animals
The ship is witnessed by a kid who takes pictures with a portable media player. The ship has plants on the wall/

Since the most evolved species on his home planet lived and played and worked in the most clean and natural areas of his planet and walked on all fours, the medic felt that this wolf defending his home must be the regions leader. Only the unevolved animals live in the dirty waste filled areas of his planet. Robots cleaned up debris from previous generations' waste.

The Doctor didn't have time to question the directive, but he needed the DNA to be similar. Scans indicated that the animal was a mammal, but he had to make a guess after that. He looked through the window and noticed that the captain's snout was the most similar in appearance. He programmed the tissue regenerater to use the captain's DNA and hoped the nerve, vocal and ocular cells would be compatible.. Since there was no brain damage, there might be some incomp[atibility, but that would be better than being blind and not able to see at all.

Each healing left a biodegradable chip that communicated with the nearest biobed, it sent radio signals of heart rate, breathing and basic brain waves. The signals were not encrypted since they were not technical or personal communications, and they could be picked up by any radio capable device. The chip was controlled by DNA. Specifically written to send radio waves. And it was capable of transmitting across great distances.

She could hear that big rocks whistle
As it fell down from on high
She cried out her howls in anguish
Beckoning that it's arrived
January 1, 2014

Chapter Four

NSA agent Jack Boren is responsible for network security at the ......... NSA office. In other words he comb the system making sure that the spies don't get spied on. Keeping the Russians, Chinese and terrorists off the network, and spotting amateur hackers as well. So when the entire database of the building is uploaded in a matter of seconds, not only does Boren notice the temporary slowdown, he investigates.

He notices that the internet backup accesses their pictures of wolves, huskies and shepherds. He wonders if the nearby Mahigan Wildlife Sanctuary hacked their computers. Then shrugs off the idea as silly. But he takes the incident seriously and repoorts it to his boss.
"Mr Dick, there has been an unauthorized hack into our database. A wireless receiver was reverse hacked and apparently our database was downloaded in a matter of seconds."
What part of our database? Military, industrial, social network content?"
"all of it sir."
"are you telling me that our 'backup of the internet was hacked and downloaded in a matter of seconds Boren? Um, it appars. It could be.
"Boren, who has the technology to do that. I didn't think that we did. Is it the Chinese? We couldn't even get electricity off the grid during that asteroid storm. Most of the actual internet was down, as were most of our satellites. How did the some hacker break into our system. Maybe the Russians have a nuclear submarine off our shore with some high tech scanning device.
Sir, that seems unlikely. I am going to examine the most likely scenarios first. Could be it was a glitch from within our system. maybe because we weren't able to access the internet, our scanners accessed itself thinking it was the internet."
"Boren, are you telling me that these machines can think? That's even scarier than the Russians, and less likely. I trust you'll figure this out. You always do. That's why I keep you here, despite your ethical reservations about our work.

As far as I know, nobody does, I just know that there is a mile of code on a computer that says that all our data was copied, and I guess transferred somewhere."
Can you tell me what they got Boren?
"No sir, but the one direct interface reveals that they did a search for wolf pictures."

Chapter Five

"Dad this morning I saw the most amazing thing. It was a space ship shaped like a bird. It landed on the Mahigan Wildlife Sanctuary during the asteroid storm. It's beaked stabbed a wolf as it landed, healed him with this cool holographic medical machine and then took off into the coulds, it cloaked as it statted to fly. I couldn't see it fly away, but I could hear it..
It whistled while it flied."

Boren wasn't really paying attention to his son at first, he was trying to figure out how a stack of mainframes housing a backup of the whole internet could be accessed, and backed up, if that was what really happened, and if so, why they would search for pictures of wolves.
He heard the words,and acknowledged that it was a great story. He didn't even remember to remind his son Billy Boren to not go to the wildlife sanctuary after school. That though the animals were not hostile to humans, it was still not safe and trespassing.
Billy didn't tell his Dad that he took video footage. Besides, it was so far away, and very grainy anyways.

First School day Monday. January 2017
Billy attended school at the military base his father worked at. Many local people were veterans and took advantege of the benefit of having a school on base. They allowed current and retired government employees. There weren't alot of kids at the school. And the mpost populated area off of base was the local Mahigan indian reservation. Boren chose not to live on base, and rented a cabin a few miles away. The north border of the reservation bordered the road between them.

At school Billy was allowed to free write about anything he wanted, This is what he submitted.

"A shower of meteors fell upon the planet. They hit satellites, caused 10 foot waves in Hawaii and even killed a few innocent bystanders. Most, say the news reports on TV, burned up in the athmosphere before they reachethe ground. And it was amagnificent example of fireworks to watch them burn. I was outside on my way home from school and saw the beautiful colors. I'm sure my Dad would tell me to be inside, but he didn't know it was coming. And besides, he works for the government and needs to know what the meteors are doing to our satellites. Dad can't talk about work, except to say that he needs to know lots of stuff about technology.

And since the cell phone networks and internet were knocked out by meteors in Noe, we didn't have any phone tech  anyways, But the battery on my iPod was still charged, so I got great pictures of the meteors coming down from the sky. I saw a big one I thought would kill us all, then I saw it heat up red, and explode into tiny pieces.
Behind it was a giant bird. It must have blown up the meteor on it's way to Alaska. Cause it spread it's wings over 30 feet and blew air out of it's engines. This bird wasn't really a bird, it was a sspace ship. And I think it was aliens. Because the people looked like  bears and dogs and lions with clothes. One put on a space ship and got out of the ship.

Now why, you might ask, would lion with a space suit get out of a space ship shaped like a bird. It got out because they crash landed at the Animal sanctuary and crashed into a pack of wolves. I thought that the wolf was dead. He sttood his ground as the bird space ship approached their den, and knocked over three trees. The owls in the nest flew away. Evenmost of the wolves backed off. But the bravest wolf barked and barked and wouldn't back down. And was hit by the ships beak. They animals in the ship looked upset, and seemed to be gathering equpiment, and looking at their computers. Finally one of them grabbed a blanke, put on a helment and left the ship. He laid the blanket down while the wolves barked, and the oldest wolf acted like he was gonna bite , then the white wolf put her paw on his paw, he looed at her and growled, she sang  high pitched tone and he backed down. The alien  animal laid his blanket down and all this lights came up. They looked like hospital stuff, and he pressed a few lights that were i guess buttons, then the skin where the wolf had been hit started to grow. My camera on my iPod doesn't get any detail. But I could see with my eyes, the red of his blood turned to pink skin, and then the hair materialized.
I'm not siure if they saw mwe, I was behind a bush, with the camera just above, but they looked in my direction, got back in the ship, then the ship, and white lights turned to blue lights, like the sky, and the blue lights took off, It whistled as it flied away.

Mrs Stauter told Billy it was a great story.
You have three charachters, it you count yourself, the narrator. You create a problem, a solution and you tie it into current events as if it was real.

It is real Mrs Stauter. I can't get the video off of my iPod because we have no electricity at the cabin do to the meteors hitting a tranformer in Nome. Dad said no luxuries, and music layers are luxuries, while we stay at the bases temporary shelter for veterans and their families.

Chapter 6

The aliens left a transponder in Awrowf where the injury had healed, and it was not encrypted, but it was a strange technology. The signal was low power in strength, designed to up it's boost only if  it noticed dramatic changes. And it needed to kep a baseline of data on the subject before it could see the change. The device was designed to be tracked by a doctor who would be alerted on his portable communication device. The aliens crash labnmded and fled as fast as possible. They didn't want to be spotted in undeveloped space any more than they had to, and they didn't know if the natives were appreciative of them healing their leader.
And the also needed to recharge their power cells and because the laser beam used so much of their energy, they needed to be closer to the sun. They hadn't even decided if they would come back to the planet to check in on their patient. They had healed his neural connections between his tongue, brain and eyes. Hopefully he would speak well of them and no war would ensue.
Undeveloped planets were a huge risk. They were desperate fo technology, because they suffered from shortages of food and medical equipment. They could be tamed and eventually become partners. Ursula, the ships captain was from an undeveloped planet. And she saw her race adapt to first alien contact with both excitement and fear. They reverse engineered technology from a wormhole and demanded an equal footing with the other planets, but it was a struggle askin hungry Ursans to go without food and making demands to use the tech for military. She and her family argued for negotiation, and she won, partially because the militants knew they couldn't win a war. Even if they thought their cause was just. The Ursans were now leaders on the council of worlds, but it almost didn't work out that way.

Back on Earth Boren noticed this frequency on his workstation and reported it to his boss, Mr Dicks.
I am picking up a new transmission from the woods nearby. It doesn't seem to be encrypted, but it isn't any discernable language."Maybe those eco-terrorists at the Wolf Sanctuary are hiding something.

"Sir, they are not eco-terrorists, they provide a safe ..."

"I know Boren, 'a safe refuge for animals. Blah, blah blah blah."

Sir, with the electrical grid being down in this region, it is odd that there'd be a transmission. It could be a terror group or white supremacists."

Olay Boren, after you finish running your analysis, sneak over there and investigate. I can only observe their land from the outside without a court order. After running all known linguistic algorithms, Boren tried mathematical formulas. The picture of the wolf kept coming to his mind. What was the connection?
He then did his own search of the NSA's internet backup from December 31. They couldn't access the internet due the only communication lines were still fried. But he had the version of the internet downloaded on December 3, enough data to run his hunch.

He kept deselecting categories like artwork, native american clans, and finally he saw a graphic that had numbers on it. "Wolf vital signs. He looked at heart rate, then counted the pulses. It was a heartbeat. Increasing and decreasing in speed. But then it changed to a sign wave. Was it music recorded, how dumb he would feel if he found he had tapped into a portable music editor, then he noticed the column brain waves, brain waves are represented as sine waves. The people must be tracking a wolf with a RF ID chip. And then they tapped into our network. But one thing didn't make sense. The super advanced nature of the technology.

He searched for ariel pictures of the Mahigan Animal Sanctuary, looking for cell towers, radio transmitters, anything that could explain the massive high speed copying of the NSA database.

Chapter 7

Gary Wolfe observed a strange skid pattern on the snow. It didn't have treads like a car, it was way too big to be a snow mobile. besides gas was being rationed, who had the luxury of using a snow mobile for non-emergencies. It was the correct wingspan for a medium sized aircraft.

Gary Wolf got out his phone and called the lodge. ones , please come out to the wolf den. he took pictures of the sskid marks, the broken trees, When Steve Jones arrived, Wolf asked him, what do you think this's too big to be a jeep or a snow mobile, nor treads, instead these round grooves in the snow. There is only three hours of daylight in Alaska at this time of year, so they had to do their investigation quick
Steve said, "Gary, if it wasn't so big I'd say that it was a really big bird. That is a feather pattern. Could it be something from that military base. Yu know that they would have no reservations about testing their equipment here, They have no respect for our autonomy.'
Or maybe it is a long lost dinosaur."
Just kidding Gary. about the dinosaur part. This is a very interesting aircraft. It might have landed during the meteor storm. And waited out the storm it looks like they pushed themself up at the dome indent in the snow. Look in the middle, those look like claws digging into the ground. The wolvess have been all over the scene too. they have circled the dome launching area. 

Fuzz, ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. went the portable phone on gary's belt.
Gary, did you accidentally pocket answered the portable phone. I thinkI hear the radio coming through it again.
Steve said, "At least there's radio transmission again. Of course that is probably just the emergency channel from the military base.
Then three wolves emerged from their den. The Alpha Male, Alpha female and their two year old pup.

Gary, did you bring snacks, the wolves are curious too.

Steve, they aren't going to harm us. For better or worse,these wolves are semi-tame.

Well they will be fully tame if you keep feeding them strawberries. In Alaska, wolves eat strawberries.They usually ignore me, but they seem curious Steve. Gary took the phone out of his belt cip and was about to turn it off, and then thought that the signal was weirdly familiar."Steve, what does this sound like,

Steve listenned for about 10 seconds, "Um, a heartbeat.?"

Me too.

Chapter 10

I couldn't believe what i saw on my son's Something brightly lit then went dim, and then seemed to open and some person was moving. there seemed to be a tree lying on the ground, and the sounds of wolves basrking. WOOF woof woof, yap yap yap. Then the man getting out of the vehicle roared a wooof. The wolves sttod their ground, but seemed less angry. I saw a bunch of blurry lights.

I don't know if they are .... But I borrowed his iPod and copied the file, with his permission.
Then Gary told  her his opinionThat everyone deserves a name
To have their own identity
Whether they are wild or tame

You just haven't named her yet