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Promote Paraeducators to the Jobs they already do

I want our public school system to train and mentor with the intention to promote, all education support staff.

This includes education support professionals, paraprofessionals,  paraeducators, special education assistants, bilingual assistants, preschool assistants and instructional assistants.
Anyone who's job is…

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Trump Will Throw You Under the Bus 2

Trump steals top secret documents

Because he was president he thinks that he can keep them

But was he really going to keep them a secret

Or was he gonna call up Vlad

And tell him what he had




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Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz will cheat on his girlfriend 
With other girls who aren't women yet. 
The Venmo said that it was for education 
But it didn't mention the institution 
Which was prostitution 

Free Britney Griner