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The Tofu Serenade

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Maybe now you could never conceive,
That there'd ever be a food that would go with everything,
I know that you would never believe,
That there'd ever be a food, that could taste like anything...

But just open your mind, and take a bite,
Then you might find, out that you like...

Tofu, so good for me,

Tofu, so good to eat,
Tofu, better than meat,
Everything I eat goes better with Tofu.

No other food has quite the consistency of Tofu, so good for you,
Tofu, does a body good,
Tofu, America's health kick.

No other food has quite the versatility of tofu, No, No, No,
I've just got to face the facts, I'm hopelessly addicted to tofu.

I buy tofu, at the coop, the health food coop
Every night I think of something new, that I can do, with tofu.

Stir fry, marinate, tofu yong or eat it straight.

Tofu fills me up with protein, higher than the RDA, hey, hey, hey.
Tofu fills me up with acetylcholine, deep inside of my blood stream.
And it's just like a dream, when I eat tofu, everynight.
I don't know if it's real food; but I know that I like, every bite of...
Tofu, so good for me,
Tofu, so good for you,
Tofu, real food for real people.

Some day, tofu, the food that you abhor,
Will be the only food you're craving for.
Some day, you're gonna be, cooking with me, tofu, tofu, tofu.
You're gonna be, eating with me, tofu, tofu, tofu.
Come on by anytime, cuz I wanna have some tofu with you baby.

By Greg Spence Wolf, Michael Aquaila Horrigan, Bert Gildersleve and
Michael Cook. This song is a parody/tribute to five Mariah Carey songs.
You're So Cold (M. Carey & David Cole), Someday (M. Carey & Ben Marguiles),
Emotions (M. Carey, D. Cole & Robert Civilies) Fantasy (M. Carey, Chris Frantz,
Tina Weymouth, Dave Hall, Adrian Belew & Steve Stanley) and Dreamlover (M. Carey & D. Hall)

"The Greatest thrill of success is not watching your record climb the charts,
but instead when you are performing and you hear a member of the audience singing along with one of your songs"
~Mariah Carey