Asault Weapons is the crime issue that is a real threat

Are you willing to ban assault weapons. 
Having my car broken into on Rt 7 is frustrating. I had to pay to fix my window. 

Thankfully my employer didn't make me pay for the laptop that was stolen. 
They were obviously targeting my computer because they left my ukulele and my backpack in the car. 

The police never investigate these cases. They let you file a report on their website for insurance purposes. 

The police never investigate home burglaries. In Seattle or Tacoma. 

The police are now very good about domestic violence. Even violence between housemates. 

My response to the break-in was to no longer leave any device with a WiFi or Bluetooth signal in my car. 

Assault weapons I can't adapt to. If I am shot by an assault weapon, you won't be able to recognize my body. 

Greg Abbott is sending DNA test kids to Schools to help people identify their children after assault rifle massacres. 

This is because Texas lawmakers won't pass any restrictions on weapons that should only used to shoot Russian tanks on the streets of Ukraine. 

I was frustrated by the break in, but I want us to be protected from assault weapons. 

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