Future News: Cleaning Robots Evolves into Intelligent Life Forms on Ancient Abandoned Space Stations

I have a science fiction artificial intelligence character idea in development.

The character evolves from a cleaning robot. 
The cleaning robots were developed centuries ago by extinct aliens. 
They were equipped to clean up the waste in space stations and were equipped with three dimensional printers that could compact the waste they collect into easily retrievable shapes.  As the robots advance in their ability to process waste they create other waste processing robots. 
 Eventually the robots are given autonomy over design and adapted to their jobs within the parameters which they were designed and the environment they inhabited. And they started to learn how to work together with the tools they madewith the waste.

Long after the space stations they were designed to clean were abandoned, they continued to clean, adapt and eventually evolve into multiple life forms. 

They compete with and eventually consume natural creatures like roaches. 

© Greg Spence Wolf 12/18/22 10:27 pm

edited 2/12/1223

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