Immigration Should Not Be Illegal Because Immigration is a Not a Crime

Immigration, should not be illegal, because immigration is is not a crime.

Freedom of movement should be protected because migration is a human right.

Offerring refuge is essential because without it we can't control our plight.

Borders are artificial, created by government officials, borders change all the time.


Immigration is a pillar of all freedom,  without it we are slaves,

To the human traffickers and the brutal dictators who  would decide our fates.

Allowing people to take refuge is how we challenge the oppressors

Please stop interfering with our freedom of movement across national borders.


People should not have to fight, or flee in the middle of the night

For the right to work, live and play, where the jobs are today.

People and jobs move with the season, Immigrants work wherever they are needed.

I think that is a good reason, For us to let them be free.


Poor immigrants do farm labor in the worst of conditions,

Why do we make them face deportation.


Why are immigrants vilified in newspaper columns that overemphasize their crimes?

Why are they scapegoated and blamed for the economy's demise

Why are they lied about and despised.


Immigrants are unfairly criticized so that they can be quickly deported.

So that they can be taken advantage of and have wages stolen by employers,

So they can be overworked, abused and sexually exploited.


Immigrants are not a threat to public order,

It is not a problem that they cross a national border.

To seek a job, a home or safety in another state or country.

We should not lock up immigrants, we should set them free.


We should not block free migration, that only blocks true liberation.

We should be a truly free nation, let all make everywhere their destination.

Tear down the walls, Let the detention walls fall

This world belongs to all, Let all hear freedom's call.


Immigration is a blessing, People should not be messing

With the people who must travel, To and fro to make a living.


© Greg Spence Wolf

Updated 12/24/2021 & 1/17&20/2022 &2/1-2/2022

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