Immigration is a Right - Immigration is a Blessing

Immigration is a Human Right  - Immigration is a Blessing - Freedom to flee from unjust plight - Is a pillar of all freedom


Immigration, is a human right,

Freedom of movement, should never be denied.

People should not have to fight,

For the right to work, live and play,

Where the jobs are today.

So why are they being vilified.


People and jobs move with the season

Working on the farms, construction and wherever they are needed.

I think that is a good reason,

For folks to migrate across borders that native people had forcibly ceeded.

To far away empires run by the greedy

Immigrants are vilified

So that  they can be deported, abused and exploited.

Immigrants are vilified because they can't vote.

Borders are artificial 

Created by government officials 

Separating ancient nations 

That existed before colonization.

Immigrants are not a threat to public order,

It is not a problem that they cross a national border.

To seek a job, a home or safety in another state or country.

They are not much different from you and me.

Woody Guthrie migrated from Oklahoma to California after the dust storms destroyed his home.

Police patrolled the California border and charged driver's money for crossing their border

We should not block free migration,

That only blocks true liberation.

We should be a truly free nation,

Let all make everywhere their destination.


Tear down the walls 

Let the detention walls fall

This world belongs to all

Let all hear freedom's call


Allow freedom of movement

without friction from government


Immigration is a blessing,

Because immigrants grow our food,

Clean our homes, drive our trucks and pack our meat.

People should not be messing

With the people who must travel

To and fro to make a living.


© Greg Spence Wolf

Updated 12/24/2021 & 1/17&20/2022


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