Saturday, October 6, 2035 Introducing "Dr Scorpious - Half Dr, Half alchemist - All Scorpion"

Saturday, October 6, 2035                                     Unassigned Homework
Healer doctor - fixes bodies (Scorpius) (Doctor Grumpy)  
If he were played by a Hollywood Actor it would be Lewis Black 
Six legs, three toes each, each toe is a stinger that can inject chemicals into the ground, plants, machinery and if necessary an animal's skin.  
Originally Scorpionites developped these chemicals for self defense. Chemicals that can numb animals, but each gland ejects a different chemical. 
Eighteen different injectors that are also influenced by diet. Scorpionites developed intelligent digestion. Literally their brains grew in their stomachs instead of their head and can intelligently digest and synthesize chemicals. 
Their tail has a thumper that also at birth is a sharp knife. It dulls over time. But grows harder. The thumpers drove away threats.  
Scorpionites are 5-8 inches long and they build planned gardens as their habitat. Their habitat is more alive than inert. In order to eat they sample and digest foods all day formulating fertilizers needed for their crops. They also used their crops to produce oil to power the heat in their environment. Each living pod completely reused or traded it's own waste for survival. This closed loop enabled their species to survive and evolve on the abandoned Gronigal World. 3.14159265359 

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