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I Statements 

I Want Equality For Step Parents in Divorces

I Propose that the State of Washington Promote Substitututes 

Unequal Access to Education in the USA

I Want You To Remember Ali Ismaeel Abbas"

I Ride My Bicycle

Tap Dance Lessons

with Paulette Caroline Wolf

"The Shim Sham"
Paulette DeRooy Wolf on tap shoes
from Greg Spence Wolf on Vimeo.

Do all lives matter in this country
If Black lives don't matter to the police.
If Derek Chsuvin can kill with a knee
Do Blck Lives matter in this country

Do all lives matter in this country
If black lives don't matter to vigilantes.
If George Zimmerman can get away with murder
Do ll lives matter in this country?
By Greg Spence Wolf 7/2/2020            

Elijah McClain Didn't Have a Gun
Elijah McCalin was choked to death
In Aurora Colorado by a policeman.

Breonna Taylor didn't have a record and wasn't wanted by the police,
Breonna Taylor wasn't a threat
Breona Taylor wasn't under arrest

If Breonna Taylor who didn't hurt anyone
Who didn't have a record
who didn't carry a gun

So why Breonna Taylor's apartment targeted.
Why did they batter down her door in Charlottesville, 
Even though the report said she wasn’t a threat/ 
The neighbors called the cops on the cops because they thought it was an attack,
by someone other than the cops,
It was an attack, but it was an attack by the cops
  Who wanted to arrest a man who wasn't there.
© Greg Spence Wolf  7/8/202  



I aint gonna wage war on the poor no more.

I won't listen to those that hate no more

I will not believe the lies

That teach us to despise,

I Ain't gonna wage war on the poor no more.

The ones who work the hardest make the least,

And that's the way it's planned to be.

They do the work we like the least,

And that's the way it was planned to be

That's how we subjugate the poor.

© Greg Spence Wolf 7/8/2020

Cooperatives that I would like to start:
Start a worker owned art, publishing and performing arts cooperative that 
performs or creates recordings, movies, novels, books, comic books and magazines together. 

Provide live and online platforms for the artists to show, distribute or sell 
their performances. 

Create a worker-artist owned fictional universe for the characters created and 
owned by independent artists. 

Start a worker owned restaurant, cafe, brewery, food production and distribution 
company. Workers could grow, produce and sell commercial food products at outdoor markets and online. 

Products that could be made and sold on a local basis include baked goods, bread, cookies, salsa and canned goods. 

Start a worker owned health care facility that provides urgent care. 

Start a worker owned clothing manufacturer and retailer. 

Start a worker owned storefront to sell the products made by the worker owned manufacturers.   

Coronavirus testing sites:


UPDATED 11/27/2020

Past Events


December 28, 2019

I got married

To Paulette Caroline DeRooy (Wolf)
At the C&P Coffeehouse.