Justice for Victim's of State and Vigilante Violence.

Manuel Ellis says, "Can't breathe sir, can't breathe." while dying in Tacoma Police Custody on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.


According to a report in the Tacoma News Tribune; 

On March 3, 2020. Manual Ellis was killed in the custody of the Tacoma Police Department. A recording of the incident reveals him saying at 1:40, "Can't Breath sir. Can't breathe." 






  Amadou Diallo Didn't Have A Gun


Amadou Diallo didn't have a gun 
Amadou Diallo wasn't a threat 
Amadou Diallo didn't hurt anyone 
Amadou Diallo was a target. 
He was shot dead for no good reason 
In the vestibule of his home 


Amadou Diallo lived in the Bronks 
Where he was shot dead by four cops 
When he reached into his wallet 
To pull out his wallet 
Let me tell you about one of those cops 
His name is Kenneth Boss and he's killed before. 
I'm concerned he's going to do it again. 
Unless we take away his badge and his weapon. 
It's a license to kill unarmed black men. 

They were undercover and wearing bulletproogf vests 
"I was wearing blue jeans," one of them said under oath. 
But still they acted like he was the threat. 
And they pumped his body full of lead. 

They didn't shoot him once, 
They didn't shoot him twice, 
They shot him 41 times, 
They weren't content just to tke his life. 
It wasn't self defense it was homicide. 
Amadou Diallo didn't have a gun, 
Amadou Diallo wasn't a threat, 
Amadou Diallo didn't hurt anyone, 
Amadou Diallo hasn't had justice yet. 

After they killed him they shook down his roommate 
We're they trying to find out who his enemies were 
Were they trying to pin it on somebody else 
Were they trying to get away with murder. 
© Greg Spence Wolf 08/30/2020 



Eric Garner Was Targetted 

Eric Garner didn't have a gun 
Eric Garner wasn't a threat 
Eric Garner didn't hurt anyone 
Eric Garner was a target 
He was targetted with a choke hold, 
By Daniel Pantalello 
Even after he said, "I can't breath"


The policeman would not let go.

© Greg Spence Wolf 7/7/2020