When They Came For the Immigrants (Who Can't Vote) ....


During the 2018 midterms the Republican party through Donald Trump, Lindsay Graham and FOX news and the Epoch Times. They ramped up scapegoating of immigrants, who conveniently  can't vote. 

 The Epoch Times listed immigrant crimes which is similar to  the way nazis published Jewish crimes. 

Immigrants are no more dangerous than other people. It's manufactured opinion that is used to rile up people. Some of these people feel they need to run off with their guns wherever their corporate media elites tell them to. In this case gun lovers announced they would go to the border to "Protect" us from a caravan labled an invasion.

They only care about this subject because they are fed propaganda.

 The Republican party, and it's presidential candidate, are scapegoating immigrants, who conveniently can't vote. I believe that this is a losing political strategy for the voting public. And the working class. I believe that the purpose of scapegoating immigrants is to make them more vulnerable to deportation and therefore easier to exploit.

     When they say scapegoating, I mean that they are unfairly generalizing about their behavior by listing and reporting their crimes in order to make them more threatening in the voting and purchasing public's perception. This is similar to  the way nazis published Jewish crimes. It's manufactured opinion that distorts public opinion of reality in order to benefit a small group of people's political and economic intrests. Some of these people are private prison owners.

CoreCivic, GEOgroup a nd the Corrections Corporation of America are the three biggest.

 If you believe that when the corporate media scapegoats immigrants on cable tv and talk radio. they are looking for someone to blame so that they can have  privately owned prisons that make people money.


 They allow people to be jailed for being immigrants. 

Then I am concerned that you'd have allowed people to  be jailed for being Jewish,  just as our grandparents in the United States of America allowed Japanese Americans to be locked up, thankfully not killed. 

All attacks against immigrants and people we can be convinced are unamerican, should be called out for what they really are, political and economic scapegoating. 

These attacks are done so we can keep Immigrants desperate for jobs and easily exploited in the workplace. Immigration restrictions make immigrants more desperate and more willing to hire others to smuggle them. Some smugglers take advantage of their employers and hand them over to human traffickers. This benefits employers like Mar a Lago which employs immigrants. 

© Greg Spence Wolf 9/12/2020








      I believe that the solution to immigration depends on the source of the immigrants. 

If we want the Communist comedian John Oliver sent back to England, we will have to enlarge the English television market. 

If we want to discourage caravans we can look at why they are immigrating. 

Are we causing it. 

Is there oppression that is unbearable. 

Can we help? 

Can we afford to help? 

Can we afford not to help? 

How much can we tax Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Jared Kushner, George Soros, the Koch family the Waltons of Walmart and other multimillionaires without negatively affecting the economy. 

I believe that some emergency kealth care for more vulnerable nations actually makes us safer. 

Yes, we will immunize ourselves first, but sick people can't help themselves or others. 

But immunizing the least fortunate keeps those people's countries'stable and reduces not just the spread of disease. But other after effects like immigration. 

I believe that the solution does not come from deominizing any group, not even Republicans. 

It comes from being aware of best practices and life saving technology and make sure it is used for the greatest good with reasonable efficiency. 


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