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Promote Paraeducators to the Jobs they already do

I want our public school system to train and mentor with the intention to promote, all education support staff.

This includes education support professionals, paraprofessionals,  paraeducators, special education assistants, bilingual assistants, preschool assistants and instructional assistants.
Anyone who's job is…

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Observations about Substitute Teaching

Recently I drove down Military Rd to teach at an Elementary School on a military base. 

When I was on the base I saw tanks driving the street the other way. 

As I drove past I read signs that said…

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Unequal Access to Education in the USA

School Law Research Paper 

Greg Spence Wolf 

Unequal Access to Education in the USA 

August 26, 2017 

City University -Tacoma 

Alt Routes to Certification 

EDU 321 School Law for Teachers 

Professor Thom Dramer 

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What I learn in school

March 3, 2015  Today in Ms N.'s Performing Arts class I learned about stage positioning and posture.  The roles of characters are communicated to the audience through stage positioning. 
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