Observations about Substitute Teaching

Recently I drove down Military Rd to teach at an Elementary School on a military base. 

When I was on the base I saw tanks driving the street the other way. 

As I drove past I read signs that said "Student Driver" 

Those were not my students. 




I had to make a kindergarten class keep their water bottles at their desks due to spills, intentional dumping and people running in the classroom.


I went from a kindergarten class and figured out as the day progressed that I could loosen the water bottle rule. Due to no pouring, tiny spills, a carpet instead of a cement floor and because of no chase games.

I told them that they were twice as mature as kindergarteners and signed up for another day in 1st grade.



When I returned something I accidentally brought home to the classroom I subbed in a couple days before the kids all cried spontaneously

"Hi Mr Wolf."


I keep that in mind whenever one student says Mr Wolf again.




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