Special Education Classrooms Warehouse Children with the most profound disabilities together without prividing licensed support for their most profound needs.

I have worked as an educator for over fifteen years. I have worked in three school districts. I have worked as a substitute and a permanent employee. I have worked as a paraeducator and a substitute teacher.

I have noticed that there are special education classrooms in some districts that they put the kids that would disrupt a regular education classroom. This benefits the students and teachers in regular education classes. I believe that these students get put together in the same classroom where they disrupt each other's education. Then they disrupt each other's educstion. 

They also get put in classrooms that have the most profound learning, motor and communcation  disabilities.  Including students who are nonverbal. And students who can't learn from a sit down lecture. 

These problems occur because we overcrowd students with multiple different types of disabilities into classrooms without staffing the classrooms to appropriately address their varied and often individual needs.

The students with the disruptive social behaviors who are highly capable of academic learning don't get the academic support that they need be successful in the workplace.

Because their behavior issues are not addressed by licensed behavior staff they don't get the socials skills training that they need to make healthy friendships

And because special education teachers are are overworked due to planning curriculum for two or three grade levels.


This disruptive behavior overloads and burns out the educators in the classroom as well.

There is a very high turnover rate in special education classrooms because of this.

A special education classroom I worked in recently has had five people leave the program in two years.


Updated 1/20/2022 & 2/2/2022 & 2/10/2022

Greg Spence Wolf